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    FiiO X5 3rd Gen Lossless Portable Digital Audio Player & DAC - Red - Refurbished

    • Equipped with two top-of-the-line AKM AK4490EN DACs
    • Two dual-channel OPA1642 chips for its low-pass filtering stage
    • Dual micro SD Card Slots
    • New multi-function button gives total control over your music
    • Bluetooth version 4.1 with aptX and DLNA
    • FiiO X5 3rd Gen

      Refurbished unit in excellent condition repackaged with original accessories or accessories from compatible models and brands.

      Once again FiiO have taken the hailed X5 to the drawing board and upgraded key elements and design features to create the X5 3rd Gen digital audio player. Now equipped with two top-tier DAC chips, one for each channel. Part of a new generation of high-quality 32-bit DACs, they are able to supports all PCM and DSD audio formats with stunning accuracy and detail.

      FiiO have chosen a dual-channel implementation of AKM's unique Velvet Sound low-distortion architecture. Through this, the DAC chips in the X5 3rd Gen have the ability to finely and exactly reproduce your music. Two separate crystal oscillators are dedicated to different quality sampling rates. This makes sure there is significantly reduced jitter, improved clock accuracy, more stable operation and virtually no sampling rate conversion artefacts.

      FiiO's software team wrote an entire new audio software architecture for its deeply customised and optimised version of the Android 5.1 OS. This results in improved sound quality and better overall performance of the device and also gives 90 more minutes of battery life compared to running under Android 4.4.

      Clean, sharp, stunning.

      FiiO X5 3rd Gen


      Two Operating Modes
      Pure Music mode and Android mode are available. In Pure Music Mode, only the main music player is available - no other apps run for smoother operation and a purer sound. In Android mode, users are free to install and run any third-party Android apps according to their needs.

      Wireless Multitalent
      With the X5 3rd Gen, you can play your music anytime, anywhere as Wi-Fi allows users to listen to their favourite online streaming services, aptX ensures a low latency, high-quality wireless Bluetooth experience, and DLNA is supported for even more forms of wireless connectivity.

      Reworked User Interface
      Fully overhauled, the X3 3rd Gen has an all-new GUI with many of the icons redesigned, such as the ones for EQ setting and system settings. The new GUI has a black theme with splashes of thoughtfully placed bold colours for a clean, modern presentation.

      Dual Memory Card Slots
      In-build storage of 32GB and two external microSD card slots with each microSD card slot supports up to 256GB cards. This enables the X5 3rd Gen to be able to carry up to 544GB of music, enough to store up to 130 000 tracks.

      Side-facing Volume Knob
      New to the X5 3rd Gen is a physical volume knob, which is slightly recessed within a guard so as to prevent accidental volume changes but is still easy to manipulate. The volume knob contains several exemplary design traits, such as angled grooves on the volume knob as well as rigid lines and smooth round elements which complement each other seamlessly.

      Dual Charging Modes
      Should you run out of battery, the new X5 has new rapid charging technology with temperature detection that also supports 9V/12V high-voltage rapid charging. When charged at the maximum current rate, the X5's battery can be replenished in 1.5 hours.



      • FiiO X5 3rd Gen Digital Audio Player in Red
      • High-current micro USB data/charging cable (1m)
      • 1x Coaxial digital adaptor
      • Transparent silicone case
      • Leatherette case
      • 2x screen protector
      • 2x bodywork sticker
      • Hi-res sticker
      • Quick start guide
      • Warranty


      1. BrandFiiO
      2. ColourRed
      3. Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
      4. GTIN6953175760238
      5. Product TypePortable Audio Player
      6. Included AccessoriesMicro USB cable, 1x Coaxial digital adaptor, Transparent case, Leatherette case, 2x screen protector, 2x bodywork sticker, Hi-res sticker, Quick start guide, Warranty
      7. Product WeightMale