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Final F3100 In Ear Isolating Earphones - Refurbished

  • Housing design minimises distance between eardrum and driver
  • Full-range custom tuned balanced armature drivers
  • Aluminium machined highly stable housing
  • Original high purity OFC cable
  • Choice of silicone and foam eartips in different sizes
  • Refurbished item warranty: 12 months
  • Final F3100

    Refurbished unit in excellent condition repackaged with original accessories or accessories from compatible models and brands.

    Final F3100 embodies the entry model of Final's highly acclaimed F-series earphone range. With ultra small and lightweight design, highest quality sound reproduction and enhanced sound insulation the F3100 achieves high resolution and a wide soundstage. Final F3100 earphones provide intense sound tuned to accentuate low frequencies more than the F4100 for a warmer and more solid listening experience.

    Final have placed the custom tuned balanced armature drivers closer to the eardrum to provide an even more realistic and vivid sound quality. In order to achieve this in the F3100, Final meticulously downsized the housing with a design consisting of the minimum possible elements.

    With Final's unique method of using full-range custom-tuned balanced armature drivers the F3100 is able to recreate bass tones with a fullness you would never imagine from such a small housing.

    Compact size with big effect.

    Final F3100

    Close Proximity Driver Placement
    Final F3100 can be positioned at the back or at the entrance of the ear canal, to adjust the sound quality. With the sound output at the very front, you will be able to feel the sound being transmitted directly.

    Custom Balanced Armature Drivers
    To achieve the best possible sound Final utilise an ultra small custom tuned full-range balanced armature driver unit. With full-range audio reproduction, the F3100 offers both a natural and balanced sound reproduction, with tight weighty bass notes.

    Aluminium Machined Housing
    Final have used an aluminium-magnesium alloy housing finished in a smart black anodic film that gives the F3100 a robust housing. The outcome is a clear and balanced sound with a wide sound stage and highly realistic vocals with a slightly more bass heavy sound than the F4100.

    High Quality Cable
    The high-purity OFC cables provide high-quality signal transmission providing a wider sound stage. The PVC tubing has been chosen for its flexibility and has been finished with a rope-like texture to reduce microphonics.

    Safe Fit Ring
    The earphone comes with a safe fit rings so you can use your silicone earpiece safely. Using the silicon earpieces without the safe fit rings may result in the earpieces changing position and the tips of the housings protruding from the earpieces, which may in turn injure the ear canals.

    Final F3100


    • Housing: Aluminium
    • Driver Type: Balanced armature
    • Sensitivity: 106dB
    • Impedance: 42Ω
    • Cable Length: 1.2m
    • Weight: 10g


    • Housing design minimises distance between eardrum and driver
    • Full-range custom tuned balanced armature drivers
    • Tuned to emphasise low frequencies more than F4100
    • Aluminium machined highly stable housing
    • Original high purity OFC cable
    • Ear hooks with advanced design reduce microphonics and provide secure fit
    • Choice of silicone and foam eartips in different sizes
    • Safe fit ring ensure secure and safe fit
    • Newly designed silicone carry case

    Final F3100


    • Final F3100 Earphones
    • 5 pairs silicone eartips
    • 3 pairs foam eartips
    • Ear hooks
    • Safe fit rings
    • Cotton swabs
    • Carrying case

    1. BrandFinal
    2. Cable LengthLess than 1.5m
    3. Cable Length Text1.2m
    4. ColourBlack
    5. Connectivity TechnologyWired
    6. Connector AngleAngled
    7. Connector TypeHeadphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)
    8. Detachable CableYes

Customer Reviews

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An emotional experience

I bought these IEM’s for a bargain hifi headphones refurbished and boy I’m glad I did, I have about 20 IEM’s and when these little gems we run in over 20 hrs I can say wholeheartedly that these made me cry with emotion listening to my most favourite music from classical to rock from jazz to techno they connected to my heart and then came the tears the Final F3100 just knows how to communicate the essence of each artists peace of music from Lennon to Sinatra from lemmy to led zep the nitty gritty to these gorgeous IEM’s are how small they are they are so light once in your ear canal you genuinely cannot feel them these are not for bass heads just give amazing clarity in he mids with just enough treble for top end detail totally balanced in all frequencies a neutral musical long term listening sound with a wide genre of music and the best bit is you can drive Final F3100 just headphones out apple dongles and blue tooth headphones amps like shanling up 4 don’t hesitate mobile audiophiles out there just buy them you will not be disappointed