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    Graham Slee Solo Intro Headphone Amplifier - Refurbished

    • Headphone amp for driving high quality dynamic headphones
    • Unsurpassed dynamic range
    • Extra-high frequency extension
    • Superb bass response and breathtaking resolution
    • Breathes new life into music
    • Graham Slee Solo SRG/SM-PS

      Refurbished unit in excellent condition repackaged with original accessories or accessories from compatible models and brands.

      A headphone amplifier with two line inputs for use with high quality dynamic stereo headphones.

      Important Note:This is the Solo SRG/SM-PS model, which comes supplied with a plug top switch mode power supply.

      Graham Slee Solo with Sennheiser headphones

      Graham Slee Solo with Sennheiser HD650

      The Graham Slee Solo headphone amplifier is the choice of several recording studios and video editing suites for one very important reason - the Solo headphone amplifier makes it easy to hear the editing cues. These are musical cues that are part of the performance, but they happen so quickly that some lesser headphone amplifiers make the editing suite's job very difficult indeed.

      The wide-bandwidth performance of the Solo headphone amplifier reproduces music with the highest resolution. Coupled with its excellent dynamics, the Solo headphone amplifier is the obvious choice for the professional user.


      Graham Slee Solo SRG/SM-PS Intro Features

      • Two line level stereo inputs via gold plated phono sockets
      • Front panel source selector switch with "mute" position featuring gold "dry-switching" contacts
      • High resolution volume control accurate in any position
      • Auto-adjusting output to any headphone impedance
      • Power in reserve for inefficient headphones
      • Excellent bass extension
      • Short circuit protection
      • Includes Switch Mode plug-top power supply


      Graham Slee Solo SRG/SM-PS Intro Reviews

      EnjoyTheMusic.com - Blue Note Headphone Amplifier Award - review by Phil Gold:

      "The strengths of the Solo Headphone Amplifier are in the extra high frequency extension, a superb transient response and an unsurpassed dynamic range. Percussion, flutes and bells all have an extra sparkle that breathes life in to the music"

      What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision - Ultimate Guide - 5 of 5 stars:

      What HiFi? review of Graham Solo Headphone Amplifier

      "...the Solo Headphone Amplifier delivers a rich and insightful sound that puts a magnifying glass on every aspect of a recording... most of all it will communicate exactly what the artist intended - the music..."

      "This unassuming little box delivers a double wammy of breathtaking resolution and gripping dynamics"

      "Verdict: If you are serious about headphones go and have a listen to the Solo - and be prepared to buy it there and then"


      Graham Slee Solo SRG/SM-PS Intro Specification

      • Headphone impedance range: 8 to 2000 Ohms
      • Output driving impedance: 120 Ohms
      • Rated output: +14.5dBV rms into 600 Ohm load
      • Short circuit duration: continuous
      • Distortion THD+N: 0.02% @ 1 kHz *
      • Frequency response: 12Hz to 150 kHz (-1dB) *
      • Output noise: -88dB (A) / -82dB (CCIR Quasi-peak 20Hz-20kHz) *
      • Input sensitivity: 346mV rms (-7dB) for rated output
      • Gain: 22.5dB into 600 Ohm load
      • Mains power supply input: 240V / 50hz
      • Amp Supply voltage: 24V DC (nominal) 90mA (max.)
      • Size (approx.): W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 185 (mm) inc. controls

      *Ref: Volume control set 6dB below rated output into 600 Ohms

      Sound pressure level gain V load:

      • 8 Ohms:+23dB (239mW rms)
      • 30 Ohms: +23dB (205mW rms)
      • 120 Ohms: +21dB (127mW rms)
      • 300 Ohms: +18dB (73mWrms)
      • 500 Ohms: +17dB (44mW rms)
      • 600 Ohms: +16dB (43mW rms)
      • 1,200 Ohms: +14dB (25mW rms)
      • 1,700 Ohms: +12dB (18mW rms)
      • 2,000 Ohms: +11dB (14mW rms)


      Package Includes

      • Graham Slee Solo Studio Reference Green (SRG) Headphone Amplifier
      • Plug top switch mode power supply


      1. BrandGraham Slee
      2. ColourSilver
      3. Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
      4. Part NumberSOLO SRG/SM-PS
      5. Product TypeHeadphone Amplifier
      6. Recommended useHi-Fi;Studio
      7. Feature keywordHi-Fi;Professional;Studio
      8. Included AccessoriesSwitch mode power supply
      9. Product WeightMale