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    Icon Audio HP8 MKII Pure Valve Headphone Amplifier

    • Specially designed by David Shaw in England
    • Provides perfect match for virtually any headphone type
    • Elements carefully hard wired by hand
    • Superior vacuum tubes, valves & capacitors
    • Teflon cables, gold plated terminals and high-quality ALPS potentiometers
    • Icon Audio HP8 MKII Headphone Amplifier

      Music aficionados all over the world swear by tube amplifiers for producing warmer and more natural reproduction of audio. Icon Audio's latest creation, the HP8 MKII pure valve amplifier provides the perfect match for virtually any headphone type. Transforming analogue and digital sound with stunning detail and clarity, the HP8 MKII has been created with utmost care and precision.

      Top of the range elements are all carefully hard wired by hand point to point with no printed circuitry. Combining Teflon audio cables, gold plated terminals and high-quality ALPS potentiometers the HP8 MKII creates undiluted sonic purity.

      Unifying superior vacuum tubes and valves, the HP8 MKII brings exceptional detail and smoothness to all your favourite recordings. Icon Audio's HP8 MKII is fitted with one ECC83 first stage valve and two 6SN7 tubes as standard. For the discerning audiophile there is the option available for their choice of valves to be incorporated. Also, the integrated Polypropylene audio capacitors can be changed to Jensen oil filled capacitors if desired.

      This beautiful amplifier not only shines with excellent acoustics, close attention has been paid to the finish of the HP8 MKII with a combination of anodised alloy plate and stainless, painted steel.

      With a strapping weight of almost 7 kg theIcon Audio HP8 MKII is pound for pound value for money.

      Icon Audio HP 8 MKII Features

      • Specially designed by David Shaw in Leicester, UK
      • Comprehensive manual supplied
      • Full instructions for valve change included
      • Slim profile design
      • Blue LED mains indicator
      • One line input
      • All hand wired point to point
      • No printed circuit board to ‘colour' sound
      • Japanese Blue ALPS volume potentiometers
      • Class A, all Triode circuit
      • ECC83 first stage valve, Russian 6SN7 tubes
      • NOS, Treasure and Full Music types available
      • Suitable for 4-8 ohm high efficiency loudspeakers
      • Japanese steel EI transformers with low oxygen copper
      • High quality 2W metal film & wire-wound resistors
      • Polypropylene audio capacitors
      • Silver TEFLON audio cable
      • Custom hand wound output transformers
      • Ceramic valve holders for minimum leakage
      • Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
      • C E, ROHS and WEEE compliant

      Connection Methods

      • In a normal hi-fi system you would connect to the "record out" of your amplifier.
      • If your amplifier does not have a suitable output, splitter leads may be used.
      • With "Pre and power" systems a connection may be made between the two units.
      • As a stand alone unit you can directly connect to any CD/MP3 phono pre-amp.

      Technical Specifications

      • Output impedance: Matching from 8 to 600Ω
      • Signal to noise ratio: -90db
      • Frequency response: Better than 20 Hz-20 kHz + -0.2db
      • Total harmonic distortion (THD): Typically less than 0.2% @ 1 kHz
      • Input sensitivity: 350mv
      • Power: 230/240 volts 36 watts
      • Dimensions: 11cm W, 35 cm D, 14.8 H, 6.5 kg
      1. BrandIcon Audio
      2. ColourBlack
      3. Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
      4. Part NumberHP8 MKII
      5. Product TypeHeadphone Amplifier
      6. Recommended useHi-Fi;Studio
      7. Feature keywordHi-Fi;Professional;Studio