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    The Burson Conductor 3X Reference is an all in one unit designed with huge power for the most demanding headphones.
    Lypertek adds to their award-winning line up with the new £69 Lypertek LEVI True Wireless earphones.
    The LCD-1 lean towards a more balanced sound signature, with a dash of added colour for an enjoyable and easy listening experience.
    It's easy to confuse the benefits of noise cancelling with sound isolating headphones. You want to make sure you choose the right headphones for your situation – this article will clear things up for you.
    Depending on how you want to use the headphones, you can either go with a closed back or an open back model. With this article, we'd like to help those in trouble choosing the right one for their needs.
    Not sure whether to buy a headphone amp? This video will not only help you understand what a headphone amp is, we will inform you of the benefits of adding an amp to your existing setup, or buying an amp with your new headphones.