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    Best Earphones 2020: IEM, Bluetooth, True Wireless, Budget, Audiophile

    best earphones 2020

    Our pick of the 11 Best In Ear Headphones for all budgets and uses

    We know how important it is to find the right earbuds; whether they are for your smartphone, music player, laptop or hi-fi system. Whether you call them in ears, IEM, in-ear headphones, earphones, earbuds, or anything else, this is the post for you. We've gathered our picks for the best earbuds that you can buy!


    final e500 best budget earphones

    1. Final E500 - £19.99

    Best cheap earphones

    Developed to plug the gap of entry-level audio, the Final E500 opens up the world of audiophile audio for budget-conscious listeners. Equipped with the standard E-series dynamic driver tuned to yield high-resolution sound housed in a more basic material, the E500 conveys audiophile sound without compromising on quality.


    soundmagic e11c best budget earphones

    2. SoundMAGIC E11C - £49.99

    Best earphones under £50

    We have awaited the SoundMAGIC E11C with some anticipation; with various models already available, what can the E11C bring to the table? We have found the E11C to be a grown-up earphone with a keen knack for giving a clear and accurate presentation across the board. A truly impressive earphone for the price and in our opinion the new budget king.


    lypertek tevi best true wireless

    3. Lypertek TEVI - £99

     Best true wireless earphones under £100

    The TEVI is very impressive, especially considering their sub £100 price point. Offering up a smooth and detailed sound signature that is well balanced yet slightly full. Add to that great stability and functionality and you have a True Wireless earphone that is so easy to recommend, go out and grab one now as they are a game changer in the TWS market.


    periodic audio magnesium earphones

    4. Periodic Audio Magnesium (Mg) - £99

    Best earphones under £100

    These earphones may seem simple - that is what makes them stand out. The Periodic Audio Mg - or Magnesium - brings something very different to the sub £100 bracket of earphones. Inside the Mg is a magnesium diaphragm driver, which delivers bass depth, punch, crispness and impressive treble extension. Supplied with a 5 year warranty, the Mg is designed to last.


    etymotic er2-xr professional earphones

    5. Etymotic ER2-XR - £169

    Best earphones under £200

    Brace yourself to feel the impact of Etymotic ER2-XR dynamic earphone offering. Able to satisfy the monitoring needs of musical professionals, while also appealing to more casual listeners that are inclined to a little more bass presence. Etymotic’s famed passive isolation system provides up to 35dB of noise isolation so you will hear all the detail hidden in the mix without increasing the volume.


    bowers wilkins pi3 bluetooth earphones

    6. Bowers & Wilkins PI3 - £169.99

    Best wireless neckband earphones

    If you want some wireless earphones, and true wireless doesn’t appeal to you – then B&W has you covered with the PI3. These hybrid dual driver wireless earphones use a neckband design, and come with all of the latest features including Bluetooth 5, AAC, aptX and aptX-HD codecs, 8 hours of playtime, and very impressive microphone call quality. The dual hybrid driver setup delivers sound that’s packed with detail and space – with an almost 3D quality.


    final e5000 audiophile earphones

    7. Final E5000 - £219

    Best audiophile earphones for comfort

    Residing at the top of the E-series, Final E5000 dynamic earphones deliver pure and clear sound with a broad sound image and deep low frequencies while keeping the sound close to the recording. With the inclusion of a detachable high-purity OFC silver coated cable that provides a wide soundstage, and in-house developed MMCX connectors, the Final E5000 are a true contender in the dynamic earphone world.


    campfire audio io audiophile earphones

    8. Campfire Audio IO - £299

    Best earphones under £300

    Breathing new life into your listening with the stunning IO monitor earphones from Campfire Audio with the latest innovations from the legendary audio company. In line with Campfire Audio's design flair, the carefully crafted aluminium body have been armed with two balanced armature drivers that deliver a refined and exciting sound in an affordable package.


    audeze lcdi3 planar magnetic earphones

     9. Audeze LCDi3 - £899

    Best planar magnetic earphones

    Audeze LCDi3 introduces superior resolution and refined acoustical tuning to the award-winning iSINE design. Featuring the design of the LCDi4 together with the low impedance of the iSINE series, the LCDi3 can push up to 130dB with zero audible distortion for a true audiophile in-ear experience.


    campfire audio solaris 2020 hybrid earphones

    10. Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 - £1499

    Best hybrid earphones

    Campfire Audio is proud to showcase the prodigious Solaris earphones with this 2020 update. With a reduced housing design finished with a dramatic gloss black colourway and enhanced sonic technologies the new Solaris 2020 is nothing short of a masterpiece. To round of these prodigious earphones, Campfire Audio include their new detachable super smokey Litz silver-plated cable together with a new sustainably harvested cork zipper travel case hand-crafted in Portugal.


    64 audio u12t professional iem

    11. 64 Audio U12t - £1999

    Best professional IEM

    64 Audio U12t Universal-Fit earphones with patent-pending tia technology provide the ultimate personal listening experience for audio professionals and the most discerning audiophiles. Incorporating the tia single-bore with 4 low drivers, 6 mid drivers, and the incredibly smooth tia high and high-mid drivers improves the already lively and three-dimensional soundstage.


    final a8000 audiophile earphones

    12. Final A8000 - £1999

    Best audiophile earphones

    Introducing the new flagship in the Final IEM earphone line-up: the single dynamic driver A8000 IEM earphones. Merging tried and tested knowledge and technologies, the A8000 benefits from Final's subjective stance of creating the best possible audio. Armed with a special single dynamic driver inserted in a precision-machined stainless steel chassis, the A8000 is suitable for a wide range of musical genres with a universal sound.

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