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Westone Audio AM Pro X Series - Professional IEM Earphones With Passive Ambience

  • Proprietary balanced armature drivers produces accurate and detailed sound
  • Recommended for on-stage monitoring and music enthusiasts of all genres
  • StageSense filter system reduces external ambient noise by 10dB without loss of audio quality
  • Left and right earpiece responses are matched to a +/- 3dB tolerance
  • Impact resistant monitor vault keeps monitors safe
  • Westone Audio proprietary foam tips, silicone tips and storage case included
  • Manufacturer warranty: 24 months
  • Westone Audio AM Pro X

    Over two decades ago, Westone Audio revolutionized the music scene with the launch of the world's premier universal-fit balanced-armature in-ear musicians' monitors. Engineered to dominate even the most challenging stages across the globe, the AM ProX boasts cutting-edge, balanced-armature drivers coupled with a passive crossover. This dual-driver configuration unleashes a powerful low end and crystalline highs, capturing the intricate details and nuances that musicians demand from a top-tier in-ear monitor. The AM ProX exceptional range, output, and power make it the go-to choice for performers and audiophiles craving an extra punch of bass in their mix.

    The Westone Audio AM ProX embodies the wealth of innovation and expertise amassed by Westone Audio throughout their nearly six-decade journey in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products for the human ear. Its sleek, low-profile, ergonomic design ensures lasting comfort for extended listening sessions. To further enhance the performance of our In-Ear Musicians' Monitors, Westone Audio's exclusive silicone and comfort foam eartips come in five different sizes, guaranteeing an outstanding fit and unparalleled noise isolation. Embracing Westone Audio's groundbreaking Ambient Patented Technology, ambient sound is flawlessly integrated with the monitor mix without sacrificing the monitor signal's frequency response, granting you full control over your musical environment.

    Experience the complete frequency response from your in-ear monitor signal, immerse yourself in your surroundings, and connect with fellow musicians and your audience like never before. Crafted by musicians for musicians, the Westone Audio AM ProX is not only designed for the stage but also perfect for music enthusiasts of all genres. Elevate your listening experience to new heights with the AM ProX.