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    Black Friday Headphone Deals 2018

    Black Friday Headphone Deals 2018


    So... here's the thing. We all love headphones, and we all love getting them for less money. And trying to navigate all the chaotic savings on Black Friday can be pretty intimidating. So we thought: why not just... keep the doors open longer?

    black friday mega sale It's baaa-aaaack! We thought long and hard about it decided to keep the savings available until Friday at midnight, to give you a more relaxed pace for what is often a serious, intimate purchase. So get in touch, come visit us in our demo room, or just give yourself time to mull it over- we know buying a headphone is a process! And we're here to help.


    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the BLACK FRIDAY MEGA SALE! From this very moment until Cyber Monday night at midnight, all of our Black Friday sales are live and kicking. Absolutely everything in our entire Black Friday 2018 category is reduced for the next four days!

    black friday mega sale

    We will be in today (Friday) and Monday (Monday) to help if you’d like to call in and chat or ask questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We don’t bite!


    Today we’re changing things up a little! We’ve been offering up selected items from each brand these past two weeks, but today we’ve only got one spectacular item on offer: today we’re reducing price on the fabulous Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen Special Black Edition!

    black friday deals beyerdynamic

    Beyerdynamic was founded in 1924, and if you know the brand you know they’ve been changing the game on top-grade personal audio since then. The T1 2nd Generation is a semi-open back headphone with an incredibly spacious soundstage, and a detachable cable. By all accounts it is a worthy successor to its legendary older sibling, but with a sleek black makeover and updated materials. Not only is this sale limited to 1000 units worldwide, FOREVER, but this sale is even more limited. Get your hands on it while you can!


    It’s a big day, and one that we’re really excited about. If you were holding out, now’s the time to reconsider, because today is the day we drop our Campfire Audio sale.

    blog banner

    Campfire Audio began as a series of experimentations with different materials, drawing on experiences in personal audio to create something new and essential for audiophiles. These profoundly unique, exquisite headphones and IEMs deliver truly singular experiences in sound, owing to their masterful craftsmanship. If you’re interested but would like more information, feel free to get in touch with us. We love to talk about them! Like our other sales, this will end at midnight, so be sure to act quickly if you want to take advantage!


    We’re back and ready to rock, so let’s move things along with our next sale: it’s over to our friends at Shanling!

    blog banner

    Founded in 1988, Shanling first produced its first item: an amplifier. Since then, Shanling’s commitment to independent research and development has allowed them to blaze unique trails in personal audio. The M-series players, specifically, have broken the mold with their intuitive interfaces and compact sizes. If you’re looking for a really high-quality player and DAC, you can’t go wrong with a Shanling, and today’s the perfect day to upgrade! Our Shanling sale will end at midnight!


    Happy Monday, savings lovers! We hope you’ve had a great weekend full of mirth and merriment, and maybe also some headphone savings. To ease us back into the swing of things, we thought we’d skip back to one of our previous sales- today we’re going to drop the price once again on Westone!

    blog banner copy

    As before, these discounts will only last until midnight, so jump to our sale page and make sure you get what you need before time runs out!


    Happy Friday! We hope you’ve been having fun so far- we know we have! To round off our first week of wheeling and dealing, we’re excited to show off our first weekend-long sale. It’s not the last sale, but it’s certainly the Final sale.

    blog banner copy

    The beautiful craftsmanship and high-quality audio are the hallmarks of today’s brand, Final. Originally established in 1974 by Kanemori Takai, Final have skyrocketed to become synonymous with beauty, finesse, and precision. Their gorgeous Heaven series feature balanced armature drivers and unique sound signatures between models, keeping Final’s foot firmly in the door of the world’s greatest. These will be back to normal at midnight on Sunday night, so act quickly!


    Good morning, everyone! We’re back bright and early to introduce our next day of Black Friday discounts. Have you had a good night’s sleep? A nice breakfast? Some damn fine coffee? We need you energised for what we’ve got planned today- it’s time for Flare day!

    blog banner copy

    Flare have been pursuing their visionary goal for five years now- founder Davies Roberts’s ambition to produce distortion-free personal audio products drives Flare’s innovation. They draw inspiration from their experience in the music industry, giving them a strong sense of the issues that need to be resolved. We’ve got a ton of good stuff from Flare for you today, so get crackin’! They poof at midnight!


    Another day, another brand! Today we’re offering up our next discounts in our three-week Black Friday sales event- that’s right! It’s Fidue day!

    blog banner copy

    Fidue, helmed by lead engineer and designer Benny Tan (20 years of experience!), are masters of the craft of delicately tuned IEMs. They strive to reproduce sound accurately and clearly, maintaining detail and neutrality. We have several gorgeous models on offer today, so take a good look! You have until midnight!


    Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep to recover from those bargains. But there’s no time to waste! We’re back for day two of our Black Friday sales with our second big beautiful brand highlight: Westone!

    blog banner copy

    Westone are quick to point out that they are the world’s largest manufacturer of custom ear pieces, and there’s good reason why- they’ve been around since 1959, so they’ve had plenty of time to sink their teeth into the market. Their IEMs are legendary, and they’ve been around long enough to innovate by leaps and bounds over the evolution of personal audio.

    Get on this deal before midnight, because the wheel must keep turning!


    Good morning, everyone! It’s our first day of our three weeks of Black Friday savings, and we’re kicking things off with our first fantastic brand highlight. First out of the gate, it’s the fabulous SoundMAGIC!

    soundmagic banner

    SoundMAGIC were founded in 2005 by Tony Xu, and have made a big impression on the personal electronics scene since then. They may be the underdog, but SoundMAGIC are never afraid to take the fight directly to their more well-known competitors. The flagship E-series receives consistent accolades from critics and consumers alike, with the E10C receiving consecutive years’ recognition by What Hifi? as an outstanding in-ear under a certain price. SoundMAGIC has plenty of momentum moving into the future, so make sure to keep them on your radar!


    Here's the deal about Black Friday: we're not content to just offer one day of great deals. This year, we're gearing up to deliver three weeks of savings centered around our big Black Friday Mega Sale. Starting next week (12/11/2018), we will be highlighting brands to do different sales each day!

    We'll be keeping you up to date with what's on offer across these dates, so check back here for a daily update starting the 12th. You can also keep up with what's going on via our mailing list and social media.

    Happy hunting!

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