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We started out small.  We started out really small.  Now we're a larger team, but the details still matter to us.

The search for personal audio excellence began back in the late 1990's when Shaun (the HiFi Headphones head honcho) spent his time travelling the globe installing medical imaging software for hospital radiology departments. The job was challenging and interesting, but it meant spending a lot of time waiting in airports, sitting on trains and killing time on flights. Being a lover of live music Shaun naturally ensured he always had music with him. It was at this time that portable MP3 music players just started becoming widely available and the quality of headphones was extremely poor. This is where the search began...

Our business started out in a spare room of a two bedroom apartment, but soon outgrew the humble beginnings (industrial racking for the stock was at one point lining the living room walls).  We needed more space to be able to look after our customers properly and moved into our first business unit in Hove, Sussex.  Over the next few years we moved a total of four times, each time increasing the capability to support our customers better.


  • 2004 - Begin trading online via our own website.  Orders are packed on living room floor and parcels carried to Post Office in a sack on our back.
  • 2005 - Company is incorporated as K&S Technology Ltd in response to growth in sales.
  • 2007 - New website is launched and company moves into first business premises.
  • 2008 - Growth of website traffic and sales is over 200%.  Take on full time staff to help with packing parcels, bookkeeping and helping customers on phone.
  • 2009 - Move into new premises to provide more space for stock and desks.  Begin importing new headphone brands into UK and making them available to website customers.
  • 2010 - Website developments include addition of forum, blog and product reviews.  Move into new premises again to deal with growth in stock and staff.
  • 2013 - Begin designing and developing a new website.  Aim is to make the most informative headphone store on the web.
  • 2014 - New website is launched on June 23.

Since those early years the HiFi Headphones site has grown to become the web's first place to look for high fidelity headphones and earphones.  We now stock a huge range of headphones and headphone related products and pride ourselves on having a comprehensive working knowledge of headphone technology.


Listening to music is a personal experience and it's our belief that good quality headphones provide a way to focus on the important things in life for a few brief minutes. You can be sat on a busy underground train or packed like sardines on a transatlantic flight, but with a good set of headphones your World can be transformed into a safe place of sanctuary. The space this space gives us can be used to focus on the things that matter.

With the latest advances in audio technology it is possible to create a private sanctuary that can be enjoyed no matter what is going on around us, giving the freedom to focus on the issues at hand.

We aim to provide you with the best possible portable audio equipment to make all of this possible.