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Audeze Extended Yoke Rods for LCD Headphones

  • Longer than standard custom-machined yoke rods
  • Make Audeze headphones a little bigger or more looser fitting
  • Suitable for Audeze LCD headphones
  • Manufacturer warranty: 12 months

Exclusive Audeze UK Service Offer

We are offering post-sales and out of warranty servicing for most Audeze models. Are you in need of a repair job or need new drivers to restore your headphones to their former glory? Then please contact us here.

  • Audeze Extended Yoke Rods

    Audeze offers 2.54cm (1”) longer custom-machined yoke rods that allow the earpads and drivers to extend farther around the head. If you’ve wished your Audeze headphones were a little bigger or looser-fitting, Audeze goes the extra step to assure your comfort.

    These 8.89cm (3.5”) extended yoke rods, like the standard yokes, are fabricated from aluminium in limited runs by a computer-controlled lathe. A surface finishing process, called passivation, strengthens the yoke rods and protects them from corrosion.



    • Before each run trained machinists calibrate the computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes
    • CNC lathes are programmed, set, and run through trials to ensure consistent quality
    • CNC milling uses cutters that precisely remove material via rotating rods
    • Cutting rods are tumble-finished to smooth and polish any rough surfaces
    • A surface finishing process called passivation strengthens the yoke rods and protects them from corrosion
    • A trained supervisor double-checks the parts


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