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Campfire Audio Supermoon Single Planar Magnetic Driver Custom IEM Earphones

  • Solid-body custom planar magnetic driver monitor earphones
  • Single 14mm full-range planar magnetic drivers
  • Hand polished 3D printed solid-body 
  • Reference performance and exceptional finish
  • Individually designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA

  • Campfire Audio Supermoon

    Custom in-ear monitors are made to order and custom crafted for every individual user making the ordering process different from standard earphones. It only takes a few steps to get your personal custom moulded in-ear monitors made. Click the link to learn more about the Ordering Process, or contact the Hifiheadphones support team.

    Introducing Supermoon - solid-body custom-fit in-ear monitor earphones featuring a new custom planar magnetic driver from Campfire Audio. Float weightlessly in pure sonic tranquillity with Supermoon- extending to surround you completely, enveloping you in a smooth and satisfying presentation. Velvety low-end, textural mids and radiant highs; a uniquely meditative and tranquil experience you can enjoy effortlessly for hours.

    Designed specifically with the most demanding performance conditions in mind, the superior build and refined finish of Supermoon will deliver you years of uninterrupted enjoyment. The superior comfort of Campfire Audio's audiophile or artist fit means an everyday musical escape is always within reach. Each pair is handmade for an unsurpassed fit and finish, designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    Simple. Solid. Sonically Superb.

    Solid-Body Design
    Campfire Audio's new solid-body design provides optimized acoustic performance by incorporating the tuning chambers of the earphone directly into the final IEM print. The result of this effort is a better-sounding, better-fitting in-ear monitor for you.

    Custom Planar Magnetic Driver
    Campfire Audio’s all-new custom planar magnetic driver exudes musicality; Serpentine traces wind below the two-micron thin diaphragm erupting with spontaneous musical dynamics. Lower non-linear distortion is also possible because of the flat monolith diaphragm. So resulting detail from this driver is as clear as it is balanced.

    3D Printed Interior
    Close attention to detail is critical to delivering you a superior musical experience from Campfire Audio earphones. The Campfire Audio Supermoon features an acoustically optimized interior model that allows each driver to deliver the very best sound quality. When heard together, the drivers offer a seamless musical experience as a result of this process.

    Audiophile Fit
    Audiophile Fit offers a shallow seal depth without the unnecessary added length of traditional in-ear monitors for the stage. This fit is comfortable and is easy to enjoy wearing in a wide variety of conditions and locations. From a daily work commute to a studio mix-down, this is a great fit style for everyday use.

    Artist Fit
    Artist Fit offers a more traditional seal depth to ensure the necessary sonic isolation and added security you need for demanding on-stage performances. Extending into the ear canal, this fit style is excellent for the professional musician.

    Custom Monitor Ordering Process
    It only takes a few steps to get your personal custom moulded in-ear monitors made. Click the link to get the Ordering Process started for your personal custom in ear monitors

    Technical Specifications

    • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 20kHz
    • Sensitivity: 94dB SPL/mW
    • Impedance: 15.5 Ohms @ 1kHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion : <1%


    • Solid-body custom planar magnetic driver monitor earphones
    • Single 14mm Full-Range Planar Magnetic Driver
    • Individually Designed and Assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
    • Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX connections
    • Hand polished 3D printed solid-body  
    • Stainless steel cap
    • Individually Designed and Assembled in Portland, Oregon USA

    Package Includes

    • Campfire Audio Smoky Litz Cable – Silver Plated Copper Conductors with Beryllium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug
    • Campfire Audio black leather earphone case
    1. Manufacturer Warranty2 Years