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Etymotic ER38-46 Filter Removal Tool with 4 Green Filters

  • Keep your Etymotic earphones spotless
  • Always have the best possible music experience
  • Includes 4 green filters and changing tool
  • Suitable for Etymotic ER•4 and hf series
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 months
  • Etymotic ER38-46

    The filter found inside Etymotic earphone can get clogged by earwax which alters or diminishes the sound output. In order to maintain highest quality audio output the filters need to be replaced periodically.

    Etymotic ER38-46 filter removal tool with included green filters makes it simple to keep your Etymotic earphones spotless. Make sure you always have the best possible listening experience.


    Etymotic ER38-46



    • ER4
    • hf3 earphones + headset
    • hf2 earphones + headset
    • hf5 earphones
    • First generation Music PRO
    • HD15
    • GSP1
    • GSP15
    • EB15
    • EB15 LE Electronic Earplugs


    1. BrandEtymotic
    2. ColourSilver