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Final D8000 Pro Edition - Planar Magnetic Headphones

  • Pro Edition with updated driver system that create higher volume levels
  • Retains delicate and balanced sound of original D8000
  • Aluminium magnesium alloy housing cut with highest precision
  • Updated Toray Ultrasuede earpads provide smooth texture and longevity
  • Fully serviceable as all parts assembled with screws
  • Manufacturer warranty: 24 months
  • Final D8000 Pro Edition

    Adding the professional touch, Final have made some adjustments to the driver of their acclaimed flagship D8000 headphones and with it created the D8000 Pro Edition. Final have listened to feedback from audio professionals that request higher volume levels than regular listeners without sacrificing on the delicate sound of the original D8000.

    With a change to the Air Film Damping System in the D8000 Pro Edition, Final have managed to achieve a sound quality perceived to be of higher clarity when listening to rock, pop and other selections that feature a narrow dynamic range. In comparison, the original D8000 is suitable particularly for classical music and other selections featuring a wide dynamic range.

    For the earpads Final have paid close attention to a smooth feeling texture and longevity. Toray Ultrasuede has been used for parts that come in contact with the human skin. Exclusive convenient to carry headphones case and two types of detachable cable, OFC black cable and OFC silver coat cable with different terminations are included as accessories.

    The ultimate in sound.

    Professional Edition
    Final D8000 Pro Edition is a totally new product that retains the delicate sound quality of the D8000. Final have retuned the driver units in accordance with the use for professional sound recordings on the request of recording engineers who wish to listen at louder sound volumes than ordinary consumers.

    Hybrid Sound
    Final D8000 Pro combines the characteristics of planar-magnetic systems and dynamic systems. It is able to convey delicate sounds at high frequencies like typical planar-magnetic types and produces an open-feeling with rich sound at low frequencies, typical for dynamic systems.

    Air Film Dampening System
    AFDS solved the problem of the diaphragm contacting the magnet, so it was possible to lower the frequency of bass that the driver unit can play. Low-frequency range becomes easier to hear as sound volume increases, and Final have taken this characteristic into consideration in the re-tuning of the D8000 Pro Edition.

    Aluminium Housing
    The cutting enclosure made of aluminium magnesium alloy has been cut with high precision. In order to establish the Air Film Dampening System extremely high accuracy is required compared with traditional drivers. By applying a leather paint finish, Final are also taking measures against unwanted vibrations.

    Detachable Cables
    Newly developed cables for D8000 Pro Edition include a cable with 3.5mm mini plug termination with 1.5m length for portable use and a 6.35mm standard plug termination for home listening. Optional silver connector cables for various connectors including balanced type are scheduled separately.

    Future Proof
    In order to be able to use the D8000 Pro Edition for a long time after purchase, Final have designed it so that almost all parts can be disassembled with screws. This enables repair and future upgrades making the D8000 Pro a timeless headphone ready for action for many years.


    Headfonics Evaluation of Final D8000 Pro Edition 

    “The Final D8000 Pro is every bit a high-end headphone offering and a very smart complement to the original powerhouse tuning of the D8000.”


    Technical Specifications

    • Enclosure: Aluminium Magnesium Alloy
    • Driver: AFDS planar magnetic field type
    • Sensitivity: 98dB
    • Impedance: 60Ω
    • Weight: 523g
    • Cables: OFC black cable 1.5m, 3.5mm plug / OFC silver coated cable 3m, 6.3mm plug


    • Pro Edition with updated driver system that creates higher volume levels
    • Retains the delicate and balanced sound of original D8000
    • Planar-magnetic treble performance with dynamic type bass performance
    • Air Film Dampening System creates a unique sound signature
    • Corrugated spiral coil improves bass response over traditional planar magnetic designs
    • Aluminium magnesium alloy housing cut with the highest precision
    • Updated Toray Ultrasuede earpads provide smooth texture and longevity
    • Newly developed cables with 3.5mm and 6.35mm terminations
    • Fully serviceable as all parts assembled with screws

    Package Includes

    • Final D8000 Pro Edition Headphones in
    • OFC black audio cable with 3.5mm plug (1.5m)
    • OFC silver-coated audio cable with 6.35mm plug (3m)
    • Carrying case
    1. BrandFinal
    2. Cable EntryDual Sided
    3. Cable Length1.5m to 3m
    4. Cable Length TextOFC black audio cable (1.5m), OFC silver-coated audio cable (3m)
    5. ColourBlack
    6. Connectivity TechnologyWired
    7. Connector AngleStraight
    8. Detachable CableYes