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Final Earpads A (Deep Profile) - Pandora Hope - Sonorous Series

  • Synthetic leather earpads with deep profile
  • Superior reproduction in mid and high frequencies
  • Precision cut foam and ultrasound fusion adhesion
  • Premium material with pleasant texture
  • Compatible with Pandora Hope / Sonorous IV and VI
  • Product Code: FI-EPSOA
  • Manufacturer warranty: 12 months
  • Final Earpads 

    Finalhave taken the design and development of the earpads for the Pandora Hope / Sonorous IV headphones to the level of premium comfort, superior sound and high-quality fabrication that is synonyms with the high standard of Final products.

    Made from synthetic leather and highly elastic foam material these standard earpads offer an elevated reproduction of the mid to high ranges. Precision cut, and fused onto the inner frame with ultrasound, the smooth three dimensional form offers just the right amount of tension.

    Premium material utilised gives a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience that is highly ergonomic for hours if listening pleasure. These are the same earpads as supplied with the original package of the Pandora Hope IV / Sonorous and are compatible with any headphone of the Pandora Hope / Sonorous range.

    Shaping excellence. 


    • Synthetic leather earpads with high resilience
    • Superior reproduction in medium and high ranges
    • Precision cut foam and ultrasound fusion adhesion to inner frame
    • Smooth, three-dimensional form with just the right amount of tension
    • Premium material with a pleasant texture
    • Comfortable ergonomic fit
    • Same earpads as equipped with Pandora Hope / Sonorous IV
    • Product code: FI-EPSOA
    1. BrandFinal
    2. ColourBlack

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Gabor Marton
The best sounding earpad for Sonorous III, IV and VI

The Type A is the best sounding earpad for Sonorous III, IV and VI. You can find better comfort and bigger bass with Lawton Anglepads for Sonorous IV and VI, but the extreme details in all regions appear only with these Type A pads and with proper amplification.