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JDS Labs Element III - Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC - Copper Ring - UK Plug

  • Redesigned features to maximize your desktop audio experience
  • Powerful headphone amp and ultra-clean USB DAC
  • Precision machined chassis with a comfortable knob
  • Microprocessor controlled relays eliminate turn on/off pops
  • Drives any headphone or earphone from balanced armatures to planar magnetics
  • Manufacturer warranty: 24 months
  • The Element III isn't a simple refresh, it was built from the ground up around a new DAC chip and it sounds as good as it looks!
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    • JDS Labs Element III

      JDS Labs have reimagined their flagship amp+DAC to create a listening experience you will notice and appreciate. Element III runs on JDS Labs' second-generation XMOS hardware and firmware, blissfully integrated with a custom encoder. You’ll hear perfect channel balance down to the black noise floor.

      Automatic gain helps you focus on listening rather than button pressing, and an auto vanishing display presents the essentials while you toggle between USB and Optical inputs and headphone or preamp outputs. JDS Labs have also added DSD support and real-time selection of DAC filters and more. Element III is precision machined in the USA with the same, famously awesome knob.

      Element III is able to power any type of headphone or earphone, from balanced armatures to planar magnetics without emphasising any frequencies and zero background noise. Microprocessor controlled relays completely eliminate turn on/off pops and thumps produced by standard designed amplifiers.

      No ordinary refresh.

      Auto Gain
      Element III automatically toggles gain for you at exactly the right volume level. As you turn the knob beyond 0 dB, high gain activates and volume is compensated for a near seamless transition to higher listening levels.

      Perfect Channel Balance
      Element III delivers audibly perfect channel balance all the way down to -127.5 dBFS. You'll immediately hear and appreciate soundstage accuracy.

      OLED Display & Options
      An OLED display momentarily presents status information while you interact, then powers down to minimize distractions. The Options menu further allows you to adjust OLED and backlighting LED behaviours, DAC filters, and more.

      Exceptional Power
      Element III's rail-to-rail gain stage provides extra headroom and no distortion penalty when listening at high gain versus low gain. With +/-15VDC rails and continuous max power of 1.3W, Element III drives all headphones on the market to extraordinary levels, from balanced armatures to planar magnetics.

      Preamp Outputs
      Element III provides preamp RCA outputs so that you can control volume of your powered speakers. Volume of preamp output is managed separately from the headphone output for quick toggling.

      Input and Output Selection
      Press the tactile volume control to listen to USB or Optical Input, or press the Mode button to toggle between headphones and powered speakers. No need to disconnect cables!

      Relay Muting & Safety
      Designed for desktop listening, Element III's full relay muting eliminates pops and thumps during startup through both its headphone and preamp outputs. And for extra safety, Element III's dual, independent processors continuously monitor internal communications and verify volume of the ESS DAC.

      USB Audio Class 2 - PCM & DSD
      Element III supports up to 32/384kHz PCM and DSD128 through our second generation XMOS XU208 engine. UAC2 with an ASIO endpoint will satisfy your pursuit of high fidelity listening.

      Mains Isolation
      Element III's amplifier and DAC are 100% powered by its external AC transformer, with 13 regulators ensuring consistent rail voltage, super low ripple, and mains isolation.

      Technical Specifications

      • Frequency Response 20-20kHz: +/- 0.11 dB
      • SINAD, 1kHz Low Gain; 112.5 dB
      • SINAD, 1kHz High Gain: 112 dB
      • THD+N Sweep 20-20kHz: < 0.0004%
      • IMD CCIF 19/20 kHz -6 dBFS: -101 dB
      • IMD SMPTE @ -20dBFS: -95 dB
      • Signal to Noise Ratio: 117.7 dB
      • Noise Level: -112 dBV
      • Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 120 dB
      • Linearity Error -90 dBFS: -0.01 dB
      • Crosstalk @ 0 dBFS, 100k RCA: -130 dB
      • Jitter Components – USB @ 12kHz, DPLL 5: -131 dB
      • Jitter Components – S/PDIF @ 12kHz DPLL 5: -130 dB
      • Channel Balance, -∞ to 0 dBFS: +/- 0.01 dB
      • Output Impedance: < 0.7 Ω
      • Max Continuous Power @ 600 Ω: 146 mW (9.37 VRMS)
      • Max Continuous Power @ 150 Ω: 584 mW (9.36 VRMS)
      • Max Continuous Power @ 32 Ω: 1.3 W (6.43 VRMS)
      Configuration / Dimensions
      • Gain: Auto Toggling 1.0x and 4.73x (+13.5dB)
      • Volume Attenuation: Custom Encoder, 255 steps
      • Case Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.3 x 1.4 in
      • Weight: 19oz
      Data Support
      • USB Interface: UAC2 with UAC1 Fallback
      • Operating Systems: Windows 10/11, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, PS5
      • USB Sampling Rates: 16, 24, 32-bit @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 384 kHz
      • S/PDIF (Optical) Sampling Rates: 16-24 bit @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz
      • Digital Inputs: USB Type B and TOSLINK
      • Preamp Output: RCA
      • Headphone Output: 6.35mm (1/4")


      • Redesigned features to maximize your desktop audio experience
      • Powerful headphone amp and ultra-clean USB DAC
      • Precision machined chassis with comfortable knob
      • Microprocessor controlled relays eliminate turn on/off pops
      • Drives any headphone from balanced armatures to planar magnetics
      • Wide DAC dynamic range maintains low noise and minimizes hiss
      • Extremely low output impedance ensures transparent frequency response

      Package Includes

      • 16VAC power adapter (UK Plug)
      • USB Type-A to Type-B cable