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    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Headphone Amplifier - Black

    • Musical Fidelity M1 HPA
    • Drives any Headphone with Complete Linearity & Low Distortion
    • Low Output Impedance of 1 Ohm
    • Distortion Less than 0.0005%
    • Also Suitable as Pre-Amp
    • Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Description

      Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Premium Class A Headphone Amplifier in Black. We all know that when we listen to pure Class A amps such as the AMS35i or AMS50 that the sound is incredible. It is richer, fuller, smoother and the bottom end is more extended. That's why the reputation of pure Class A amplifiers remains so strong; they really are the best thing.

      Musical Fidelity has a long history of making superlative headphone amplifiers. The M1 HPA pure Class A headphone amp has exactly the same sonic characteristics with headphones as our pure Class A amplifiers with loudspeakers. It sounds fantastic.

      The M1 HPA pure Class A headphone amp's technical performance is outstanding. Distortion is incredibly low (less than 0.005% across the band) frequency response is ruler flat. Noise ratio is outstanding. In every technical parameter the M1 pure Class A headphone amp is first class.

      The HPA has very low output impedance (below 1 ohm). Headphone amps' output impedance is a usually ignored but very important measurement. The HPA's extraordinary low output impedance means that it can drive any headphone with complete linearity and low distortion. The vast majority of competitive headphone amplifiers cannot do this because they have much higher output impedance.

      We believe that neutrality and complete faithfulness to the original recording is what hi-fi exists for. If you agree with that ideal then the HPA pure Class A headphone amp is for you. The HPA has two inputs; line and USB (from computers etc.). It has two headphone sockets on the front panel and a loop out facility. Importantly the HPA also has a variable line output so that it can be used as a very high quality simple preamp.

      M1 HPA Features

      • Drives any headphone with complete linearity and low distortion
      • Low output impedance of 1 ohm
      • Distortion of less than 0.0005% across the band
      • Variable line output - can be used as preamp
      • Two headphone sockets and loop out
      • USB input

      Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Class A Headphone Amplifier

      Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Reviews Evaluates M1 HPA Headphone Amp - TechRadar Evaluates M1 HPA Headphone Amp – 5 Stars

      TechRadar Evaluates M1 HPA Headphone Amp – 5 Stars

      "For anyone serious about headphones, Musical Fidelity's M1 HPA is well worth a listen. By audiophile standards, it's an incredibly well-priced, high-quality piece of kit that offers outstandingly good results in a small neat package."

      Technical Specifications

      • Output Power 1.1W into 32Ω
      • Output impedance less than 1Ω
      • Output level 5.2V rms max
      • Frequency response: 15Hz to 75kHz -3dB max
      • Signal to noise: >109dB
      • Total harmonic distortion: <0.008% 10Hz to 20kHz


      • Line level input: RCA line in left and right
      • Line level outputs: pair RCA line out left and right
      • RCA pre-out left and right
      • Digital input: 1 USB type ‘B' connector for computer/PDA

      Power requirement

      • Mains voltage: 90-250VAC 50/60Hz
      • Consumption: 25 Watts

          Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Class A Headphone Amplifier Back View

      Package Includes

      • Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Class A Headphone Amplifier
      • IEC type mains lead (10-Amp type)
      1. BrandMusical Fidelity
      2. ColourBlack
      3. Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
      4. Part NumberM1 HPA
      5. Product TypeHeadphone Amplifier
      6. Recommended useHi-Fi
      7. Included AccessoriesIEC type mains lead (10-Amp type)